About Jack Frank


A native of Pittsburgh, Jack Frank came to Tulsa and never left. His off-beat documentaries celebrate the charms of Tulsa and its past. Audiences have learned to recognize his friendly narrative style and the unusual topics that he obviously loves. Jack began producing TV stories about Tulsa and Oklahoma history in the 1990s using rare archival film clips and home movies that were collected from basements and garages. These forgotten films help reveal Tulsa like never before.

Jack’s most recent documentary,  "OKC A to Z", celebrates unique and historic things about Oklahoma City for each letter of the alphabet. He decided to produce following the popularity of his 2009 show "Tulsa A to Z".

In 2008, Jack explored the city’s bold and daring architecture in Tulsa Deco. Since Tulsa was growing at the same time the deco style was flourishing, many of the city’s most important buildings, erected between the 1920s and 1940s, were done in the deco style. Jack was given the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the Tulsa Foundation for Architecture in 2009 for helping tell the story of Tulsa’s one-of-a-kind architecture.


In 2006 and 2007, Jack compiled some extraordinary old home movies into his documentaries Fantastic Tulsa Films – Volumes 1 and 2. The shows are jam- packed with rare footage of Tulsa, some of the films dating back to the 1920s. Many of which were rescued from the trash and dirty attics.

Other shows in Jack’s “Tulsa History Series” include: Tulsa Memories; Things Not in Tulsa Anymore; Let’s Go Downtown; Holy Tulsa; Stuff That’s Gone; Tulsa’s Uncommon Houses; and Tulsa Mansions.

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