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Let's Go Downtown

Let's Go Downtown



Stuff That's Gone

Stuff That's Gone


Tulsa's Uncommen Houses

Tulsa's Uncommon Houses


Classic Set

3 Classic Shows on one DVD for the first time

A collection of 3 much-loved early programs that all Tulsans will enjoy.

Let's Go Downtown (1 Hour)

Take a memorable trip into downtown Tulsa. See old film clips from the days when people shopped at places like Dorothy's Dress Shop, Vandever's, and Brown Dunkin department store. We'll tour the Philtower and other beautiful places on Boston Avenue, we'll step inside the old Mayo Hotel (before it was renovated), and remember the extraordinary 1949 parade through downtown that featured big time movie stars. This show is a tribute to the treasures and architecture that makes downtown great. (1994)

Stuff That's Gone (1 Hour)

Remember when Central High School was downtown? Remember black bottom pie at Pennington's Drive In? What about the Tulsa Roughnecks soccer team? A lot of cool things have vanished from our city but we've tried to keep some of them alive in this fun and uplifting show. (1995)

Tulsa's Uncommon Houses (1 Hour)

Let's face it. Snooping around other people's houses is fun. Especially when the house has a lot of fascinating history. This show takes you on a tour of some of Tulsa's more unusual residences. We'll stop in at the house where they used to burn the city's trash. We'll step inside Westhope, the house built by Frank Lloyd Wright. And we'll learn about the history of some other cool places including the Skelly Mansion, J. Paul Getty's bunker, and the TUlsa Garden Center which actually was a home at one time. (1996)

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