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Fantastic Tulsa Films, Vol. 2 Clips

Remembering Bells

Remembering Bells


Dance Party

Dance Party


A busy downtown

A Busy Downtown


Fantastic Tulsa Films, Vol. 2

People liked Volume 1 so much, they convinced us to do more

We went into the vault (more like a closet) to uncover even more rare, wild and somewhat wacky footage from a by-gone era.

What’s in Fantastic Tulsa Films – Volume 2

  • OSU football games from the 1920s when it was Oklahoma A&M
  • Crystal City Amusement Park
  • Utica Square as it looked in the 1950s
  • Bell’s amusement Park in the 1950s and ’60s
  • Former TV shows and personalities including, KOTV’s Dance Party, KTUL’s Mister Zing & Tuffy, KTUL anchors Jack Morris, Betty Boyd and Don Woods and KOTV’s Lee Woodward and Bill Pitcock
  • Demolition of Akdar Temple Mosque
  • Footage and construction of former City Hall at 4th & Cincinnati
  • 1921 Tulsa race riot footage
  • Famous Tulsans from the past including, former Tulsa Mayors Maxwell, Hewgley and LaFortune
  • Famous Tulsa celebrities including, baseball great Warren Spahn and song writer Ralph Blaine
  • Drag racing at the Southwest Raceway and Tulsa International
  • War Bonnet racetrack
  • Rare films of Thomas Gilcrease
  • Tulsa Stockyards in the 1930s
  • KOTV news reporters Clayton Vaughn, Mike Miller and Bob Brown reporting on the Skelly Mansion, the Fairgrounds Sky Ride and Brewster’s Toy Store
  • A glimpse of the car factory that produced replica Cords

Bonus material on DVD:

  • A drive through Utica Square in the 1950s
  • KOTV news reports from the 1960s
  • A KTUL promotional film from the 1960s highlighting the station’s anchors
  • Some of Jack Frank’s Tulsa Memories stories from television
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