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Fantastic Tulsa Films, Vol. 1 Clips

We Had Trollies

We had trollies


The Civic Center

The Civic Center


The 1920s in Tulsa

The 1920s in Tulsa


Fantastic Tulsa Films, Vol. 1

Long-lost footage brings the city’s past to life.

Fantastic Tulsa Films consists of many old film clips and home movies rescued from attics and garages, including some of the oldest home movies taken in Tulsa. Even though many of the old movies were taken by amateurs, they give viewers a fascinating look into the city’s colorful past.

Jack Frank has been collecting and preserving archival movie films of the city for more than a decade and in this show he brings viewers the best of what he’s found.

What’s in Fantastic Tulsa Films – Volume 1

  • 1920s views of Tulsa
  • Ice-skating in 1920s on Swan Lake
  • Brown Airport at 51st and Sheridan
  • Commercial Airport at 61st and Yale
  • 1957 footage of the Plymouth Belvedere buried at the Courthouse
  • Ice-skating and boxing at the Tulsa Coliseum before it was destroyed by fire
  • Clips of Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart visiting Tulsa
  • Shopping downtown in the 1960s including Dorothy’s Dress Shop
  • Clips of baseball games at old Oiler Park on the Fairgrounds
  • Riverside Drive in the 1920s
  • Old films of 1940s-era Tulsa State Fairs
  • Miss Oklahoma contestants parade through downtown in the 1960s
  • Bunion Derby race through Tulsa in the 1920s
  • TV anchorman Jack Morris explaining a vote for Arkansas River improvements

Bonus material on DVD:

  • Extended interviews of footage of the 1957 buried Plymouth Belvedere
  • 3-minute 1920s film showing Tulsa’s skyline and downtown buildings
  • 10 of Jack Frank’s Tulsa Memories stories from television

Film Preservation

Learn about preserving your precious home movies or how to submit your films to be aired in an upcoming Tulsa Films show.

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