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Where do you get the cool movies for these shows?

Much of the pictures and films we use comes from people like you. They find old home movies stuck in attics and garages and give it to us to. If their movies contain interesting scenes that we could possibly use in a show, we do a high quality transfer, and give back a DVD copy of their movies.

How can I donate my family movies?

Use the contact form on this page. We get back to you with some questions, mostly about how much material you have and its condition.

How do I locate film of a historic event?

We do not provide historic film clips for individual use.  However if your organization or production company is looking for archival materials, we charge $500 to begin a search. That covers our time and providing you with a “screening disc” of the content you are looking for. Contact us for specific rates for using our films in your production as it differs depending on whether its for local or national TV or non-profit use.

Can we book Jack Frank to speak to our group?

Yes, Jack speaks to groups quite often. However there are certain requirements. Jack’s presentations consist of showing a lot of archival footage. Your organization needs to provide a large screen so everyone can see, and a DVD player. Use the contact form on this page.

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