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4 Pack Special

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Fantastic Tulsa Films - Volume 1
Fantastic Tulsa Films - Volume 2
Tulsa Deco
Tulsa A to Z

FANTASTIC TULSA FILMS - VOLUME 1 (1 hour + bonus tracks)

Stunning and rare old film clips rescued from attics and garages reveal a Tulsa never seen before.  This show contains extraordinary film clips of downtown in its glory days, and follows the city’s growth through the 1960s.


International Petroleum Expositions / Fairgrounds
1950s downtown street scenes
Camelot Hotel
rarest 1920s films of downtown
Herman's Hermit's & other musicians
Tulsa Municipal Airport
& Much More

FANTASTIC TULSA FILMS - VOLUME 2. (1 hour + bonus tracks) 

This sequel includes even more rare and fascinating films. 

Included in this show are movies of Utica Square as it was when opened in the 1950s. See stunning footage of dance Party on KOTV in the 1960s, Bell's Amusement Park, Crystal City Amusement Park, Betty Boyd and other old time TV personalities and much more.  


Tulsa is a mecca for art deco architecture. The city exploded with ornate buildings during the oil boom, and the deco craze would continue through the 1940s.

This documentary explores why Tulsa is highly regarded as one of the nations top cities for art deco architecture. Discover the city's fabulous buildings and the people who care about them.

Includes the Westhope home that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Boston Avenue Methodist Church by Bruce Goff. Plus segments on just about every significant deco structure in Tulsa from the Fire Alarm building, to the Pavilion, to the city's first all - electric house.


From the Admiral Twin Drive-In to racing legend John Zink, this unusual documentary celebrates 26 historic and unusual things that make Tulsa remarkable. This show takes a look (in alphabetic order of course) at landmarks like the University Club Tower and Gold Driller.

It covers prominent people from our past like Tate Brady and Bill Skelly. We even stop for chicken Fry at Nelson's Buffeteria and lunch at White River fish market. This show is a fun and charming look at the things that make Tulsa such a great city. 

NOTE: Many of the places featured in the show are now gone or changed, which makes this show even more unique, as it is a glimpse into a Tulsa that has changed.

Each DVD also contain bonus material, which includes even more rare film clips